How does it work

How to send an anonymous text? Simple and effective! 
Anyone can send an SMS. With Texttasy, you can also do this anonymously. It is as simple as it sounds. However, we don't want to just abandon you to your fate and that's why we explain how to send anonymous text messages.

Step 1. Choose a name
You decide who sends the message. Or actually, you decide who the recipient thinks sent the message! Our default sender is 'Anonymous' but you can fill it in however you want. Would you like to send a message on behalf of Cupid telling your crush how beautiful he/she is? Would you like to let your nephew know on behalf of Santa that he hasn't been nice this year? Or do you want to let your last bed partner know on behalf of the Municipal Health Service (GGD) that he/she should better have an STD test done? Enter what you want, and stay undercover! 

Step 2. Choose the recipient
Very simple. Enter the telephone number of the person who should receive the SMS, and you're done! This person immediately receives your SMS without knowing it's from you. Is this recipient located abroad? No problem! Texttasy ensures that your SMS arrives at the right recipient anywhere in the world. 

Step 3. Write your message
This is of course what it is all about in the end. What do you want to say? Think carefully, because once it's sent there is no turning back. Now's your chance to finally say what you've always wanted to say, so make the most of it! Still not completely satisfied with your sent message? Then you just send another anonymous SMS! 

After composing your message you choose the payment method you want to use. The exact costs for the SMS are listed on this page. The price depends on the length of the SMS. The basic price is €1.40, if the message is longer than 160 characters it will be slightly higher in steps. You can also opt for a package of several messages at once. The cost per SMS is then cheaper. The price is always clear before payment and you choose whether you continue.

Step 4. Stay undercover
So your message has been sent. What now? This is only the beginning! It is inevitable that the recipient of your anonymous message will try to find out who sent it to them. It's your job to make sure this is not revealed. Make sure you remain inconspicuous because a small slip of the tongue can be enough. Do you dare to take the plunge? 

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