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100% anonymous

To whom have you always wanted to tell something anonymously? Your neighbor, your best friend, or your crush? This is your chance! The nice thing is that this person will never know who the message comes from. Unless you reveal yourself, of course!

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Your privacy comes first. You don't have to leave any details to send an SMS and all information will be automatically removed from our system after a short time!



It's child's play! You determine the sender, the recipient, and the message. We do the rest. No registration required!

Just an SMS, but then Anonymous

Everyone has thought about it. Being able to message a person of your choice without them knowing it's you. For example, that new handsome classmate you like so much. Or your cousin, to prank him for Christmas dinner. The possibilities are endless, and with an anonymous SMS from Texttasy it's possible! Looking for inspiration? Then read the blogs. Why wait? Send anonymous text right now.


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With Texttasy, you can send anyone a message, without your name being attached to it. Come up with a nice message and share it immediately. But make sure you don't reveal yourself, otherwise you will still be exposed!

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