Anonymously report an STD

It is an awkward moment when you hear from your doctor that you have tested positive for an STD. Having a sexually transmitted disease is of course not pleasant, but the fact that you may have infected other ex-bed partners with it is often even more awkward. You're going to ask yourself what to do now? You don't want the STD to be spread any further, but you also don't want to let your ex-bed partner know that he/she may have an STD because of you. This moment creates a dilemma, what is right? 

Texttasy is the ideal tool to make this dilemma a lot less difficult. We offer you the possibility to send an anonymous SMS to let your ex-bed partner know that he/she needs to be tested. This way you ensure that the person is there on time and that the STD is not spread further. It's a nerve-racking process, but it has to happen. Send anonymous std text and inform your ex-bed partner.

How can you best go about this?
It is important that you put the correct information in the SMS, without revealing your own identity. You do not want the recipient to know that you have sent the SMS, but you also want everything to be clear to him/her. Below are a few tips to fill this in as well as possible. 

  • Choose the correct sender. Make sure you remain as neutral as possible so that the recipient does not uncover you! After all, you don't want to be recognized. For example, use Anonymous as the sender, which can be anyone.
  • Write your message specifically and clearly. Tell it like it is; no more, no less. Any other form of information can reveal your identity! For example, do not tell when you contracted it, because then the recipient will immediately know that it is you!
  • Think of the recipient when writing your message. He/she must be terrified! So make sure you are nice to this person and be very careful with std text prank!
  • Stay anonymous, even if you meet the recipient!
Visit the GGD website for more information about STDs and their dangers. 

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