April Fool`s!

Another battle every year… That one day when you have to be on your toes so as not to be fooled, April Fool's Day! This year, you are outsmarting everyone around you. Send the best joke via anonymous SMS and laugh your ass off! 
With the help of Texttasy, everyone in your area should be wary of you from now on, instead of the other way around! With an anonymous SMS, you are ahead of everyone. We have listed a few examples for you! 
  • Have you always wanted to play a prank on your own brother? Send him an anonymous SMS on behalf of 'Mom'. “Can you cycle to the supermarket to get a bag of potatoes? Just do 3 kilos. Thank you, dear." 
  • Does your best friend keep on talking about that new kid at your school? Send her an anonymous text on behalf of her crush asking her if she would like to go on a date. 
  • Did one of your friends sleep over after a night out? Then send him a text message on behalf of his boss. "Where are you? You were supposed to be there at 8 AM today, right?” 
  • Do you really want to scare someone? Send him/her an anonymous SMS in which you react very strongly to his/her so-called Instagram story. “Wooow what a saucy photo in your Instagram story! You have guts!" 
  • Technical error? That can happen, right? Pretend to be a big web store and let your friend know that he is being thanked for his purchase. The amount of €399 will be debited from his account one of these days. 
  • You're familiar with them, the Amber Alerts! Send your parents a custom Amber Alert warning them about dangerous chemicals in the air. They must stay inside with all windows and doors closed until further notice! 

Enough examples, now let's get started!

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