Bypass WhatsApp blocking

It's probably happened to you. You really want to talk to a person, but he/she has blocked your number on WhatsApp, and all other platforms. The last time you ended up arguing and you now want to end this once and for all. This is possible with an Anonymous SMS from Texttasy. 
Because you do not send an SMS with our website via your own number, you have the option of circumventing being blocked. This way, you still get your message to the desired recipient! Here you have the choice to send a message as Anonymous, or as yourself. That's up to you! All we ask of you is that you show respect towards the recipient. 
When you choose to send a message as Anonymous, you remain truly anonymous. We guarantee your privacy and monitor your data. After a while, these are even automatically removed from our servers. Do you want to urgently say something completely incognito to the person who blocked you? Then you can trust us that the message will reach them and your data is safe. Good luck!

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